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463rd Bombardment Group / KIA and MIA
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A Tribute to Those Who Paid the Price of Freedom

Swerko Robert S/Sgt 774th May 44 Wiener-Neustadt, Aus
Tarpley Elbert S/Sgt 774th    
Taylor Arthur Lt 775th May 44 Ploesti, Romania
Taylor Albert Sgt 772nd Mar 45 Berlin, Germany
Telfer William S/Sgt 772nd    
Terry James Lt 772nd Jul 44 Ploesti, Romania
Testagrossa Joseph Cpl 773rd Dec 44 Blechhammer, Ger
Thayne Howard S/Sgt 775th Apr 45 Fortezza, Italy
Thiel Ferdinand        
Tintera James S/Sgt 772nd Aug 44 Valence, France
Tubman Thomas Lt 773rd Mar 45 Berlin, Germany
Tulchinsky Emanual Sgt 772nd Feb 45 Bolzano, Italy
Turner Robert Lt   Aug 44  
Tuzin Brinislaw Sgt 774th May 44 Wiener-Neustadt, Aus

463rd Historical Society
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Santa Ana, Ca. 92711